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Some Thoughts on Zillow’s 2011 Results and Howard Hanna (In Which I Declare Peace In Our Time)

Was it just yesterday when I was speculating on Zillow’s recent hiring of Bob Bemis? Why, yes, yes it was. How things change in 24 hours when you live in interesting times. [Editor’s Note: Obviously, you started writing this on the 15th and didn’t finish? Nice managing the deadline, Rob.] Today, Zillow released their Q4/2011 […]

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Moore’s Law and Real Estate: Speculations

I’m giving a presentation tomorrow at the Nextgen Realtor Group of the Houston Association of REALTORS. I do believe the actual title of my presentation, as in the program itself, is called Welcome to Dystopia. Somehow, it seems, I’ve become the Cassandra of the real estate industry. But in researching for the presentation, I ran […]

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LTE Will Change the World

This might be the most exciting technology I’ve run across in a while… maybe since I came across this mysterious “internet” thing back in 1988 in a computer lab at school.  The post there goes into more of the technical details, which are completely over my head.  But this promotional video from Verizon hints at […]

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