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Dear Real Estate Tech Entrepreneurs: Hey, The Buy-Side Is Done, Guys

I’m going to take a conservative estimate and say that once every few weeks, I get some PR agency emailing me with some news of a fantabulous, world-changing, paradigm-shifting (God, I love those Web 2.0 words, like paradigm), baldness-curing new technology around… you got it, home search. This is not at all an atypical example: #RealEstate Entrepreneur, Avantika Shahi Launches Revolutionary #HomeSearch Platform  […]

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MarketWatch Posts Nonsense; I Have A Suggestion

Real estate journalism in the mainstream media is not exactly the stuff of Pulitzers. But even by that low standard, this “news story” from MarketWatch (via Realtor.com) is amazingly incoherent. Titled “Half of Americans Can’t Afford Their House“, the main thesis of the article is that housing affordability is a serious crisis: Over half of […]

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