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Understanding Opendoor’s Mortgage Brokerage Move

Regular readers know that I have said that Opendoor could be the most important company in real estate. My reasoning was that Opendoor looked to be trying to revolutionize the single biggest painful aspect of buying a home: the mortgage. Here’s what I wrote: So yeah, I think Opendoor is about revolutionizing the entire culture around how homes […]

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Notorious P.O.D. Episode 5: RentMetrics and George Kalogeropoulos

  Episode #5 is one of my favorites. I love introducing innovative startups in real estate to the high level elite audience that frequents this blog. (That would be you, dear reader/listener.) But this one was really special. George Kalogeropoulos, Founder and CEO of RentMetrics.com, is frikkin’ brilliant. I think you can tell just from […]

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