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What Am I Missing Here: Multifamily Loans Down 63%?

From National Real Estate Investor comes news that loans for commercial multifamily projects have dropped 63% year over year: Commercial and multifamily mortgage loan originations continued to fall on a year-over-year basis in the second quarter, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Quarterly Survey of Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Bankers Originations. Second quarter originations were 63% […]

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Bailing Out Banks: What's In It for US?

I don’t normally write much on financial matters connected to real estate, because I recognize it as an area where frankly, I have no real expertise. I know generally how mortgages, CDO’s, subprime and so forth work, but beyond the basics, I get lost. Tanta, over at Calculated Risk, however, does not get lost. In […]

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