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Some Reflections From Flight

Seeing as how we’re stuck on the ground in Newark… just some random thoughts. 1.  What accounts for the immense incompetence of airlines?  I mean,

When to Fire Your Marketer, #26

When your marketing person creates a video like this one, it’s time for the pink slip (h/t: Branding Identity Guru): As BIG said, you wish

So… CBC Is A Webby Honoree

It appears that Coldwell Banker Commercial, my last oeuvre before I left Realogy, has been selected as a 2008 Webby Honoree.  It seems that C3Cube,

Salacious Sells!

Well, at least, it attracts interest.  Joe Ferrara alerts us to some… ahem… sexy ads related to real estate (safe for work).  Go check it

More on Integrative Moves

A while back, I’m afraid I bashed the hell out of — a seemingly well-meaning website that wants to practice something called “integrative moves”.

Most Appropriately Named

From Inman blog comes news of this new organization: The Association of Associates Representing Sellers (AARSTEAM), a just-launched for-profit corporation that is open to membership

The Future of Brokerage Paper

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