Sponsor the Notorious ROB!I get requests from time to time to put ads on Notorious. And I’ve even had ads on Notorious in past designs. But it wasn’t ever a focus, because it was my personal blog, not a business venture per se.

At the same time, this is one of the, if not the, most influential blogs/websites in the real estate industry, if you’re looking for decision makers and influencers. It is read by CEO’s of major tech companies, VIP’s at NAR, executives at brokerages, franchise companies, Associations, MLSs, and so on and so forth. Fact is, if you want to reach a mass audience, NROB isn’t for you. But if you want to reach a very focused, very influential audience, there is none better.

I suppose since you are reading this on my blog… you probably already know that, being one of these influencers yourself.

But, I never wanted to actually solicit advertising from people I know and with whom I do business. I didn’t want to be some sort of pay-to-play type of deal, as happens with so many media sites or real estate industry blogs. And I have zero interest in paid blogposts or any such business model. And last but not least, I have no idea what advertising on Notorious ROB is worth to somebody, and I don’t want to deal with putting together clickthru tracking and all that nonsense.

On the other hand, I upgraded my hosting recently, and did some math, and realized it’d be nice if the site were self-sustaining. Being a capitalist pig, I also thought it’d be nice if Notorious ROB paid for a Jameson’s or three at the next industry conference or two.

So, the sponsorship solution: EBAY AUCTION. It solves a lot of problems, including the question of value.

Sponsorship on Notorious ROB will be sold on an auction basis, and whoever is the high bidder gets the sponsorship for an entire month. (Well, at least until Ebay lifts my selling limit….) So here’s the current auction:

Sponsor Notorious ROB for October, 2013

What you get for sponsorship:

  1. A “Notorious ROB Brought to You By:” sponsorship button no larger than 250×125. But 125×125 ad units can also work, and I’ll center those on the sidebar throughout the website.
  2. A “Message from Our Sponsor” ad of 240×400 on the sidebar.
  3. (OPTIONAL): a full-size top banner that stretches across the whole site, just below the main navigation menu.
  4. My heartfelt thanks and a drink in person when I see you next at some industry confab.

Ad units can be HTML/javascript or ye olde Image/banner. Of course I will link to whatever website/page you want me to link to. The sponsorship ads will run on every page, every post on the site through the end of October, with the exception of the ecommerce pages (Shop, My Account, etc. — which are all served up by WooCommerce).

The ONLY restrictions on ads/banners are:

  • Pornography is no goodniks — because that would wreck MY brand
  • Absolutely nothing racist
  • Of course, nothing illegal (though I can’t really imagine what that might be)

I do reserve the right to reject any ad by any company for any reason, or no reason at all. But I will issue a full refund if I do so.

If reserve is not met, then obviously, I’ll just run one of my own internal ads for the month. 🙂

Thanks for bidding, and good luck!