Notorious V.I.P.

Notorious V.I.P. is the new premium subscription to subscriber-only content.

Notorious V.I.P.

$20 per month or $200 per year

Notorious V.I.P.? Say what?!?

Here on Notorious, we like to keep things fresh, try new ideas, and have bigger conversations. After publishing The Red Dot Reports for a full year, I have gotten all kinds of feedback and had some interesting conversations.

Bottom line: Everyone is busy. Reading a 70+ page report is tough. Actually doing anything with the content is even tougher. And because these are conversation worth having, we want to make the conversations work for you.

Introducing Notorious V.I.P. Visualize a velvet rope leading into an amazing karaoke bar where the bottle service includes fireworks. Excited? We thought so. Nervous? Probably wise.

VIP is the new home of the higher level analysis like the Red Dot, but in shorter form. Here we’ll take deeper dives into issues in the industry, and go beyond the surface to figure out together how these things will shape the future of real estate.

Put simply, VIP will focus on analysis; ROB will focus on commentary and op-ed.

What’s happening to The Red Dot Reports?

The previously published Red Dot Reports will still be available through your Subscriber Account or for individual purchase.

There will also be new reports going forward, on an as-needed basis, as big shifts take place and deserve the full Red Dot treatment. VIP subscribers will get the membership discount to each report.

What About the Blog?

I’ve been writing Notorious for 12 years. And it’s not going away. Everything that has been available for free will continue to be free. Going forward the blog will still be a place for readers to get insights into what’s going on throughout real estate.

For those who want to get more into the financials, the implications of events, and heavier analysis of changes on the horizon – basically pulling all of the threads together – VIP is where those conversations will take place.


$20 per month or $200 per year. Cancel anytime.

Please note that all subscriptions auto-renew monthly/annually (but can be canceled at any time; there are no refunds).

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