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Absolutely Brilliant

Kudos to Trulia for this: Trulia Voices is one of the most popular parts of our site. Our rapidly growing community has done a great

Value of Brokerage

Redfin has one of the best corporate blogs not just in real estate, but in…well, business.  Posts like this are the reason why.  Glenn Kelman

A Great Website — Can It Work Here?

I just ran across this fantastic website (h/t Instapundit).  Carlust is such a great name for it as well. I really like Chris Hafner’s writing

Anyone a Betting Man?

Now, this is good news from NAR: The integrity of data is a foundation to the orderly Real Estate market. The Real Estate Transaction Standards

A Development to Watch

From the invaluable Calculated Risks blog, Vallejo Close to Bankruptcy Filing: Vallejo, a city of 135,000 outside of San Francisco, moved closer to bankruptcy after

The Burden of Leadership

UPDATE:  I have been asked to take this post down by my colleagues at OnBoard, as they feel there is a conflict of interest inherent

How Do You Compete With WalMart?

So I’m trying to put my thoughts on cluetrain real estate together.  And while all those thoughts are swimming around my head, I read this

The Future of Brokerage Paper

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