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Spartans and Redfineans

As most denizens of the know, there was a recent kettlestorm (tempest in a teapot) around some mean and nasty things said by some blogger at Redfin. Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin, took immediate action and posted an eloquent appeal for harmony and peace. Glenn — you’re a class act, and a brilliant […]

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You Go Boy!

I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way, but reading Matthew Rathburn just tee off on a couple of people who emailed him unsolicited ‘advice’ was… just refreshing in so many ways. I can’t help the title of this post. 🙂 I urge you to go read the whole thing. It’s insightful and just […]

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Got Proof?

I think Pat Kitano at TransparentRE is one of those guys who has brilliant and useful insights to anyone interested in exploring what Real Estate 2.0 might look like.  And despite disagreeing with him on a specific thing here or there in the past, I continue to think his blog is valuable and his insights […]

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