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Most Appropriately Named

From Inman blog comes news of this new organization: The Association of Associates Representing Sellers (AARSTEAM), a just-launched for-profit corporation that is open to membership by independent, non-Realtor agents and brokers who work with sellers, promotes an “Oath of Actions” that may rubsome buyers (and their agents) the wrong way (see Inman News). One of […]

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Absolutely Brilliant

Kudos to Trulia for this: Trulia Voices is one of the most popular parts of our site. Our rapidly growing community has done a great job asking and answering real estate questions. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our RSS feed widget for your Trulia Voices Answers. You’ll now have the ability to […]

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Value of Brokerage

Redfin has one of the best corporate blogs not just in real estate, but in…well, business.  Posts like this are the reason why.  Glenn Kelman takes the Freakonomics guys to task (gently, as is his wont) for relying on bad sample set to conclude that brokers have little to no value. Stephen Dubner and Steven […]

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