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Competition in Real Estate is Changing

A few random, or perhaps not so random, thoughts this morning from three recent news stories. First, we get a story in the mainstream media by Andrea Riquier of Marketwatch, about Keller Williams entering into the iBuyer space: Keller Williams, the sprawling national real estate franchisor, plans to launch an instant offer service later this […]

Columbus Ships by Pierre Salsiccia

BaaS is a Thing (and Why You Need to Realize It)

[Rob: I’d like to welcome Zane Burnett to the Notorious ROB family. I thought this post of his from LinkedIn was so good, and knowing Zane, felt that you all would benefit from his perspective on brokerage and technology issues. I understand we need a rap name for Zane soon, and he’ll be taking suggestions […]


The Curse of Experience, the Real Estate Edition

I was recently at a real estate conference for a major brand watching a panel discussion. I’m leaving names out because it’s not important to the question/point I’m making and don’t want the distraction. The panel was a younger moderator (in his 40s) and two industry executives who have 40+ years of experience each. These […]

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60% of Home Sales by 2024 Will be iBuyer: For My Friend James Dwiggins

Okay, so just had an exchange on the Book of Faces with my good friend, James Dwiggins, the CEO of NextHome. He’s really one of the smartest and nicest guys in the business, and it’s always fun to talk industry issues. And I started to write a response and thought, why not, a short blogpost. […]


Future of MLS Technology: Open Source Software

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation at the Clareity MLS Executives Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. It was on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as I actually wrote a whole business plan way back in the day on introducing Open Source software to the MLS industry. I abandoned […]

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Homeowners Net More Selling to Zillow Than With a REALTOR

(Pardon me a moment while I go put on my asbestos suit for the inevitable flames coming my way.) The Zillow Group Q4/2018 earnings call yesterday was a shocker in many ways. What most people immediately focused on was the change at CEO from Spencer Rascoff to Rich Barton. I gather from social media this […]

Upstream Corelogic MLS

OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

Rob had some good questions yesterday that many in the industry are probably asking, in “OK, I’ll Ask: How is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?” For a lot of us in the industry, it can be frustrating when these questions are left hanging over a vacuum fit for conspiracies. Let’s fill some of that void, especially […]

NextHome - Let's Talk About Tech.001

The Machine and the Real Estate Agent

I’m taking a break from writing my February report, and thought I’d think through something with you all. It’s not directly relevant to my Red Dot topic, but it’s so interesting that I couldn’t help but want to do some “read what I wrote to see what I think” type of a thing. We all […]

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HomeDate: In Which I Offer a Free Idea for Tech Entrepreneurs

I’m on a flight to Austin today for what promises to be an interesting first trip of 2019. And thinking about the January Red Dot, which led to this post. I thought it was amusing enough to share with you all. I actually think this is a pretty legitimate business idea, and if one of […]


Seven Predictions for 2019: K-Pop Edition

[Posted earlier at Inman News; now that it’s actually 2019, figured it was safe to post to my site for posterity.] So it turns out that I started doing musical themes in 2011 with the Techno Edition for 2012. I’ve done great music (like Alison Krauss and Union Station) to hair-curlingly cringey music (like the […]

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