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The Issue with Brokerage We Don’t Discuss: Oligopoly or Democracy?

Over the years, I have debated the question of “the brokerage community” with people like Ken Jenny and Sam DeBord. It usually comes in the context of MLS or portals […]

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The Truth About Millennials and Housing with Nicole Lopez

I’m quite excited to bring you this post, largely because it is about showcasing someone else’s work that needs showcasing. This is an interview of Nicole Lopez, the team leader/owner […]

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The MLS: A Way Forward on Exclusive Inventory Strategies

In my last post on the NAR MLS Policy Statement 8.0, I wrote that offering a solution would take a few thousands more words and that I was already at […]

Makan Delrahim

[VIP] On the DOJ Statement of Interest

In case you haven’t already heard, the U.S. Department of Justice has taken the rare step of intervening in a civil case with a Statement of Interest on Behalf of […]

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More On NAR’s MLS Policy Statement 8.0: A Step Forward On Clarity

(The following are the personal opinions of the author, Sam DeBord. They do not necessarily reflect the views of RESO or its members.) The “Clear Cooperation Policy” proposed by the […]

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On NAR’s MLS Policy Statement 8.0: A Step Forward… Into Confusion

Coming Soon and all of the off-MLS shenanigans have become an increasing problem within the industry, especially for the MLS. I’ve written about this here, here, and here (this post […]

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[VIP] What NAR Can Do, But Likely Won’t

Happy Monday, everybody. A couple of you have asked for this topic in the Notorious VIP Network (all VIP Subscribers have been invited, so check your inbox if you don’t […]

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there will be blood

There Will Be Blood: NAR Lawsuit and Discovery

If you haven’t done so already, or were not present when the panel happened, go watch the Inman News video on the big commissions lawsuit(s) panel discussion. Inman Select membership […]


Millennials and Rent Control

Back in February, I wrote a long post imploring the Young Professionals Network (YPN) of the National Association of REALTORS to take up housing affordability as their issue: Homeownership is […]

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[VIP] A Few Thoughts on Hyland v. HomeServices of America and Its Applicability to the Moehrl v. NAR Lawsuit

Recently, I saw someone on Facebook bring up this case, Hyland v. HomeServices of America, Inc., 771 F. 3d 310 – Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit 2014, as pretty much […]

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