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Does Thanos, I mean, RealScout Want a War?

As many longtime readers know, Andrew Flachner is a good friend of mine, and a wonderful young technology executive. I like Andrew, I respect Andrew, and I thought both of […]


[VIP] Ben Thompson of Stratechery Shows How Dropbox Points the Way Forward (for the MLS)

Seriously, I think I could just write a real estate angle to most of Ben Thompson’s articles and updates from Stratechery, and fill the content calendar easily. I just wrote […]

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Let’s Stir the Pot: Glenn Kelman and the MLS Issue

I’m back from the week on the road, but about to embark on yet another week on the road… so wanted to get this short post up for your weekend […]

The U.S. should return to powered wigs for lawyers....

[VIP] Hot Take on NAR’s Motion to Dismiss

In the all-important Moehrl v. NAR case, NAR has filed a motion to dismiss, and submitted a brief in support of that motion. I’ll embed it below. This is all […]

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The Department of Justice Demands CoreLogic Turn Over Documents and Answer Questions

Boy, some things are happening this week. Last night, I saw that NAR had filed its response in the form of a motion to dismiss the Moehrl v. NAR case. […]

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iBuyer and Conflicts of Interest

It seems pretty obvious now that the rest of the industry is waking up to the fact that iBuyer is not a blip on the radar, is not We Buy […]

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Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not After You

I just spent an hour glued to the TV, absolutely fascinated by what I was seeing and hearing. And no, it wasn’t the latest episode of Game of Thrones (which […]

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old and busted car

Is It Time to Stop Solving Yesterday’s Problems?

Over at the WAV Group blog, Marilyn Wilson ponders whether it is time for a National IDX: Today, we have robust rules in place that allow a broker to share [...]


The Most Important Article for REALTOR Leaders to Read: The End of Aspiration

I’m busy and about to head off to a strategy session, but I had to share this with you all — especially with those who are in leadership positions in […]


The Curse of Experience, the Real Estate Edition

I was recently at a real estate conference for a major brand watching a panel discussion. I’m leaving names out because it’s not important to the question/point I’m making and […]

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