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Is It Time to Stop Solving Yesterday’s Problems?

Over at the WAV Group blog, Marilyn Wilson ponders whether it is time for a National IDX: Today, we have robust rules in place that allow a broker to share their active, pending and in some cases, sold listings with their fellow practitioners via a local IDX policy. What if we took that idea to […]


The Most Important Article for REALTOR Leaders to Read: The End of Aspiration

I’m busy and about to head off to a strategy session, but I had to share this with you all — especially with those who are in leadership positions in REALTOR Associations and local/regional MLSs. I may have thoughts on this in the future, but for now, let me just tell you that this might […]


The Curse of Experience, the Real Estate Edition

I was recently at a real estate conference for a major brand watching a panel discussion. I’m leaving names out because it’s not important to the question/point I’m making and don’t want the distraction. The panel was a younger moderator (in his 40s) and two industry executives who have 40+ years of experience each. These […]

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Do Not Minimize Ragnarok: Very Serious Legal Threat, Part 2

So my flight is delayed… for hours… which usually leads to drinking. I thought I might do something else instead. Since I posted about the antitrust lawsuit filed against NAR and four large real estate companies, I’ve read a ton of comments from people who are not antitrust attorneys about why this case is frivolous, […]


Future of MLS Technology: Open Source Software

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation at the Clareity MLS Executives Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. It was on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as I actually wrote a whole business plan way back in the day on introducing Open Source software to the MLS industry. I abandoned […]


Gotterdammerung: A Very Serious Legal Threat

I realize I just posted on the future of the MLS, and normally, I’d let posts sit for a few days to “mature” but this is far too big an event and far too big a deal to wait. In case you missed it, a class action lawsuit was filed with the United States District […]


Role of the MLS: Defender of the REALTOR?

As my Red Dot subscribers already know, I published the March Red Dot on the future of the Multiple Listing Service a couple of days ago. I have also been traveling nonstop since last Monday and most of my meetings and conferences have been on the MLS, so I have the MLS on my mind. […]

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OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

Rob had some good questions yesterday that many in the industry are probably asking, in “OK, I’ll Ask: How is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?” For a lot of us in the industry, it can be frustrating when these questions are left hanging over a vacuum fit for conspiracies. Let’s fill some of that void, especially […]


OK, I’ll Ask: How Is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?

So one of the bigger announcements in recent memory went out a few days ago, and… no one appears to be asking the obvious question about it. I am speaking of the announcement that CoreLogic will be the new vendor for UpstreamRE. Since I have good friends in both companies, I congratulate them both and […]


Seven Predictions for 2019: K-Pop Edition

[Posted earlier at Inman News; now that it’s actually 2019, figured it was safe to post to my site for posterity.] So it turns out that I started doing musical themes in 2011 with the Techno Edition for 2012. I’ve done great music (like Alison Krauss and Union Station) to hair-curlingly cringey music (like the […]

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