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The Notorious Interview: Jennifer Branchini & Sanjay Wagle, California Assoc. of REALTORS

In this rare public episode of the Notorious Interview, I speak with Jennifer Branchini, Treasurer, and Sanjay Wagle, SVP of Public Policy, for the California Assoc. of REALTORS about SB50. […]


NAR’s New Fair Housing Action Plan: Add One Key Missing Element

NAR is in the news, but for a positive reason for a change. Hoooray! It appears that the leadership team at NAR met in Washington DC on January 8th to […]

The 2010s

The Decade That Was in Real Estate

I gather that with 2020 just around the corner, navel gazing and thinking big thoughts about the ’10’s have become a relatively popular activity. Hell, I did it myself on […]


The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate, 2019 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate. As in earlier years, let me reiterate that Inman does the Influencers list, Swanepoel does the Power […]


Grading Time! The 2018 and 2019 Predictions

Well, so I guess I forgot to do this last year so I can’t call it an annual tradition anymore. But it’s that time of the year to grade myself […]


Seven Predictions for 2020: The Rat Pack Edition

Earlier this year, Sunny and I made her third (my second) move across this great country of ours in three years, landing in Las Vegas. I have to say, so […]


Musings on Defining Fundamental Problems

I was on a conference call earlier with a client discussing an upcoming strategy planning session, and one of the people raised a very interesting and a very good point. […]

long island divided

Time for a Housecleaning: Racism in Long Island Real Estate

I am alternatively furious and despondent that this post has to be written in 2019. But it has to be. In case you missed it, Newsday, the local newspaper for […]

wire fence

Pass Clear Cooperation Policy, But Address the Gaping Loophole

On Saturday, the MLS Policy Committee of NAR approved the proposed Clear Cooperation Policy (also known as MLS Policy 8.0) as written and forwarded it on to the Board of […]

compass coming soon

Compass and Coming Soon: Not About the Client

[EDIT: This post has been updated with responses from Compass, and my further responses to those responses.] [EDIT: I have updated the post once again, with another round of clarifications […]


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