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A Few Initial Thoughts on the Future of Buyer Agents

Happy Monday, everybody! I’m completely jammed with preparation for CMLS where something big is going to be happening. I can’t tease more than that, sorry, but… watch the interwebz later […]


[VIP] Initial Thoughts on Realogy’s RealSure

I’m on the road, so blogging may be light. But I thought the announcement of the new RealSure Sell and RealSure Mortgage programs deserved some brief initial commentary. I didn’t […]

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The Issue with Brokerage We Don’t Discuss: Oligopoly or Democracy?

Over the years, I have debated the question of “the brokerage community” with people like Ken Jenny and Sam DeBord. It usually comes in the context of MLS or portals […]

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The Truth About Millennials and Housing with Nicole Lopez

I’m quite excited to bring you this post, largely because it is about showcasing someone else’s work that needs showcasing. This is an interview of Nicole Lopez, the team leader/owner […]

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[VIP] The Notorious Interview: John Campbell, Stephens

I’ve decided that most of the Interview series will be available to VIP members only, because… it takes a good amount of work to put these together. A few, with […]

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The MLS: A Way Forward on Exclusive Inventory Strategies

In my last post on the NAR MLS Policy Statement 8.0, I wrote that offering a solution would take a few thousands more words and that I was already at […]


The Notorious Interview: Chris Drayer, Revaluate

So a number of you have messaged and written me to say positive things about the two interviews I did with Fred Bin of Zoom Casa and Rick Rudman of […]

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Future of Lead Generation: You Say vs. They Say

Happy Friday afternoon, everybody. I normally wouldn’t write something today, but… I’ve been traveling and came down with a cold and have been wanting to write this for a couple […]

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On California’s New Gig Economy Law: Don’t Relax Just Yet

I feel pretty certain that anybody that is reading Notorious likely already knows that the legislature of California has passed Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that tries to rein in the […]


Keller Williams Concierge: New Wine in Old Skin

One of the more interesting things that happened last week was news that Keller Williams will roll out a new “concierge” program in California, Georgia and Texas. Designed to compete […]


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