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iBuyers and Competition: In Which I Welcome Jay Thompson Back to the Blogosphere

Over at Inman News, Jay Thompson, one of the original bloggerati, has returned to blogging in triumph with his post “Are iBuyers Going to Ruin Everything for Agents.” Read the whole thing. Jay has been busy with other things, like being the face of Zillow to the real estate industry, the last several years, […]


An Open Invitation to the NYC Buyer Graph: A Response to Rob Hahn

I wanted to write a response to Rob’s article to shed some more light on the details of the Buyer Graph, and to address some of the questions he raised. Rob, who is a great friend and someone I respect immensely, has graciously allowed us to publish our response here. Thank you, Rob. Fundamentally, the […]

BuyerGraph Homepage

Seven NYC Brokerages and RealScout Do A Dangerous Thing

I’m deep into writing the October Red Dot, but Andrew Flachner of RealScout sent me a personal email this morning with his Open Letter to the industry attached. He’s spoken to me before about this initiative, and asked if I would write about it. Well, the Open Letter is now published, and Inman News has […]

Cajun Navy in Hurricane Harvey

When the Clouds Part

Rob and I were supposed to be in Wilmington, NC today to present some new sessions at the State REALTOR Conference, Xchange. We watched as Hurricane Florence gained strength across the Atlantic with estimated landfall near Wilmington, and quickly realized that the event would be cancelled. In an email from the NC REALTORS staff today, […]


What Should Zillow and Charge for Leads?

So a couple of weeks ago, we got news that Move (the parent of agreed to acquire Opcity for $210 million. Since that means will be taking a percentage of the agent’s commission as referral payments, I figured it’s just a matter of time before Zillow walks through the doors that Move has […]

Adam - Notorious Blog

Some Answers About KWRI’s Virtual Brokerage

On August 26, Rob Hahn, Founder of the blog, Notorious R.O.B, asked for some answers to his post “Some Questions About KWRI’s Virtual Brokerage.” I’m happy to oblige. As a Market Center owner (Operating Principal) and one of the many architects of Keller Williams (KW) Expansion, I am committed to ensuring KWRI’s virtual brokerages are […]

Opendoor Open House

On the Opendoor Acquisition of Open Listings

Just thought I’d drop a brief (well, for me) note here about Opendoor’s acquisition of Open Listings, in between preparing for hurricane Florence…. Inman News has the story: Flush with hundreds of millions in venture funding, the fast-growing home-buying and selling startup Opendoor is making its first acquisition: Open Listings, a discount brokerage with a team of salaried in-house […]


When the Market Turns: Redfin

Reader Ben Thompson asked me in a recent comment if I would opine on the topic of the impact of (and to, I would think) various companies in a buyer’s market: Sorry to trend off topic, but Rob kindly please consider writing a blog post on the impact of companies like Redfin in a buyers […]


Some Questions About KWRI’s Virtual Brokerage

Two things. First, I’ve been busy with my September Red Dot, so I missed this news when it was announced: KW to launch virtual brokerages for expansion business owners. According to Inman News: During last week’s Keller Williams Mega Camp, a company retreat for select Keller Williams leaders, Keller Williams CEO John Davis said the […]


Quick Reaction to Zillow News: Not Surprised

I’m still in recovery mode from thyroid surgery on Friday (it went great, thank you to all who have messaged me) but wanted to throw out a quick reaction to the news coming out of Zillow in its Q2 earnings report. Rest assured, I’ll be covering this in some depth at some point, probably. For […]

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