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What Everybody is Missing On Vaynerchukgate

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen the recent brouhaha over the video of a podcast Gary Vaynerchuk’s video where he completely shits on homeownership. In case you missed it, the first part is all about homeownership: The real estate commentariat more or less exploded, partly because Gary Vee has long been […]

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Upstream Corelogic MLS

OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

Rob had some good questions yesterday that many in the industry are probably asking, in “OK, I’ll Ask: How is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?” For a lot of us in the industry, it can be frustrating when these questions are left hanging over a vacuum fit for conspiracies. Let’s fill some of that void, especially […]


OK, I’ll Ask: How Is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?

So one of the bigger announcements in recent memory went out a few days ago, and… no one appears to be asking the obvious question about it. I am speaking of the announcement that CoreLogic will be the new vendor for UpstreamRE. Since I have good friends in both companies, I congratulate them both and […]

Pittsburgh Zoo

Negative Space: Reffkin and Schneider on the Future of Brokerages

It’s been over a week since I thawed out from the polar vortex that was Inman Connect NYC. I realize that people in Chicago and elsewhere in the Midwest would have loved mere 10 below zero temperatures, but for this now-southern boy, that week came with a religious awakening: hell won’t be hot, it’ll be […]


A Mission for YPN, If You Choose to Accept It…

It’s been a good long while, I know, and I apologize. But life has become a bit insane, with travel, client work, and of course, writing a 90-page report on the truth about Millennials as real estate consumers. The February Red Dot just went live today, so I can finally write this post I’ve been […]

NextHome - Let's Talk About Tech.001

The Machine and the Real Estate Agent

I’m taking a break from writing my February report, and thought I’d think through something with you all. It’s not directly relevant to my Red Dot topic, but it’s so interesting that I couldn’t help but want to do some “read what I wrote to see what I think” type of a thing. We all […]

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HomeDate: In Which I Offer a Free Idea for Tech Entrepreneurs

I’m on a flight to Austin today for what promises to be an interesting first trip of 2019. And thinking about the January Red Dot, which led to this post. I thought it was amusing enough to share with you all. I actually think this is a pretty legitimate business idea, and if one of […]


Seven Predictions for 2019: K-Pop Edition

[Posted earlier at Inman News; now that it’s actually 2019, figured it was safe to post to my site for posterity.] So it turns out that I started doing musical themes in 2011 with the Techno Edition for 2012. I’ve done great music (like Alison Krauss and Union Station) to hair-curlingly cringey music (like the […]

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The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate, 2018 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate. I know, I know, as a friend of mine said on Facebook, “Great, yet another list.” It does seem like there are a lot of lists in our industry. But what the hell, I do this mostly for fun anyhow, and this […]

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A Final Word (Hopefully) on Upstream

As you can imagine, there’s been a ton of chatter about Project Upstream and its “divorce” with Daddy NARbucks. I think I’ve gotten no fewer than three emails from consultants and thought leaders in the industry on the topic. Inman has written not just a news article announcing the split, but an in-depth investigation into […]


December Red Dot: Darkness Comes – Excerpts and Special Offer

The December Red Dot, Darkness Comes: Q3 and the Rise of Redfin, is now published and live. I’m pretty proud of it, but I thought I would write this post because I think this report might actually be important. If you are in real estate, or interested in the industry, if you read nothing else […]

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