Author: Sunny Lake Hahn

After 13 years in real estate sales and brokerage management, I turned my time and attention to helping agents, brokerages, and small businesses on a larger scale. Prior to real estate, I spent over 7 years in construction and design - working all phases of projects from conception to handing over the keys. My background also includes insurance sales and training for a nationwide provider - contracting with hospitals around the country to provide our products and services, and providing ongoing training for C-suite, administrators, and staff. With a mind for operations, I am able to work with small businesses to become more profitable, have a greater impact, and create more space for life to happen. Most small business owners and real estate agents have vision and can do their jobs extremely well, but they struggle with the systems and processes that help them scale their businesses and focus on what they do best. That’s where I come in. I have worked with real estate brokerages and agents from large, world-wide franchises, as well as independents and start-ups. Outside of the real estate industry, some of my clients include social media and marketing companies, non-profits, and small tech firms. My unique skill set works well for start-ups as well as companies who have been in business for 20 years that want to make changes. If you’re looking for the status quo, I have an arsenal of people to refer you to. If you want to start with fresh eyes and make massive change, I’m your girl. After years of seeing a need for systems operations savvy in most small businesses, I made the decision to leverage my talents and desire to help people have better lives. So many small business owners and real estate agents (or sales people of any kind) start the business because they love what they do and the people they serve - but they’re missing a key component - knowing how to run the business like a business. When someone builds a company built on service and trust, that deserves the power I can create with you. Power is energy sustained over time. You’ve got the energy. Let’s turn it into power for your business.