Author: Sam Debord

Sam DeBord is VP of Strategic Growth with Coldwell Banker Danforth in Seattle. He is Past President of Seattle King County REALTORS and Vice Chair of the National Association of REALTORS’ MLS Issues and Policy Committee.

OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

Rob had some good questions yesterday that many in the industry are probably asking, in “OK, I’ll Ask: How is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?” For a lot of us in the industry, it can be frustrating when these questions are left hanging over a vacuum fit for conspiracies. Let’s fill some of that void, especially […]

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Rob Hahn Joins Consumer Trust Housing Unit at Language Health University

April 1, 2018 – Greenville, SC For Immediate Release: Robert Hahn, real estate industry consultant and regulation activist, has taken a position on the board of directors for Language Health University’s Consumer Trust Housing Unit. A quasi-government agency focused on safeguarding speech between the public and real estate professionals, CTHULHU gains a strong advocate for […]

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Redfin IPO: Hot or Not Edition

Redfin’s long-awaited IPO is here. Rob’s as-usual-lengthy breakdown is here. It’s full of interesting angles to consider, and some real positives for Redfin’s outlook. As you probably guessed, since I’m here guest posting again, I think a few points might need refining. Why, you might ask, would a broker be giving credit to a competitor? […]

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MLS Without Borders: The Consolidation Endgame?

12 MLSs are the future organized real estate: that was the lukewarm consensus of a recent panel at Inman in New York. The general feeling of the speakers (MLS executives included) seemed to be that consolidation will end with a dozen or so large, well-run MLSs. Inman News headlined the coverage “Is Your MLS Doomed?” […]

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We Need Much More Honesty on Upstream: A Response to Rob Hahn

Well, this should be fun. After Rob’s critique of my last piece about Upstream, I thought it would be appropriate to step into the Notorious octagon. Considering I’m not a trained attorney, that’s probably a mistake (yes, that’s the first of many self-deprecations to bloat my handicap on his turf). I once put a foot […]

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