Spartans and Redfineans

As most denizens of the know, there was a recent kettlestorm (tempest in a teapot) around some mean and nasty things said by some

Move Toward Simplicity

Achtung, der Marketingspezialisten! I’m not sure how many others have picked up on this, but I really think there’s something afoot. The zeitgeist has shifted.

Por Favor, Estadistica

You know what I’d love to see when international real estate companies make grand pronouncements about globalization and its effects on local real estate? Numbers.

Washington Post and Assumptions

Inman News has a very interesting… I guess one would have to call it an Op/Ed or News Analysis on the Washington Post’s story on

Why not try homesteading instead?

Courtesy of Zillow’s blog, we hear about the economically depressed city of Youngstown, OH razing thinly populated neighborhoods in order to save on public services

When to Fire Your Marketer, #26

When your marketing person creates a video like this one, it’s time for the pink slip (h/t: Branding Identity Guru): As BIG said, you wish

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