Industry Relations Ep. 47: 3 Predictions for the Future of Real Estate, with Errol Samuelson of Zillow

This was a fun one, for sure, as Errol Samuelson, Chief Industry Development Officer of Zillow, is one of the smartest guys in the industry. He’s also been around the block a few times, and in very senior roles where real estate and technology intersect.

He’s also quite reticent about appearing on things like podcasts, so we are grateful to Errol for coming on the show.

From the episode description:

The Coronavirus forced many of us to work from home, leveraging technology to do our jobs remotely. Not only has this made us more comfortable with digital tools, it has us rethinking the need to commute to our offices on a daily basis. So, what do these changes mean for the real estate industry?

On this episode, Errol Samuelson, Chief Industry Development Officer at Zillow, joins Rob and Greg to share his top predictions around the post-pandemic future of real estate. He explores how commercial real estate is likely to change in light of COVID-19 and speaks to the potential to make transactions 100% digital moving forward.

Errol weighs in on how different geographies experienced the pandemic in different ways and how he thinks about the crisis’ potential long-term psychological impact. Listen in as Errol shares Zillow’s most recent stats on the changing consumer preferences for homes and learn how our growing comfort with virtualization will impact the way brokers and agents do business in the future.

What’s Discussed:

  • Errol’s top predictions re: the post-pandemic future of real estate
  • How commercial real estate will change in light of COVID-19
  • The potential to make real estate transactions 100% digital
  • The accelerated consumer use of digital tools in the home search process
  • How Errol thinks about the possibility of virtual appraisals
  • How virtualization is likely to impact brokers and agents
  • Zillow’s stats on how working from home is shifting consumer preferences
  • How cities may look different in a post-pandemic world
  • The possibility for COVID-19 to have a long-term psychological impact
  • How different geographies experienced this pandemic in different ways
  • What sci-fi technology is likely to change real estate in the near future
  • How Zoom is driving changes in the way we communicate

Connect with Errol:

Errol on Zillow


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