[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jack Ryan, REX

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Thanksgiving is behind us, along with the annual frenzy of consumerism known as Black Friday... although in 2019, I think Cyber Monday (which is today) might be an even bigger frenzy of consumerism except for the long lines, frayed nerves, and the fighting over toys that happens IRL.

So first, I apologize for not posting this sooner, but I just couldn't get to it. Then again, most of the content in real estate is evergreen, as things just do not change that fast. Until it does.

One of the people driving that change is Jack Ryan, Founder & CEO of REX. A former investment banker, he is bringing the techniques and technologies that were used to completely disrupt the trading of financial assets to physical assets, namely, the home. One of the smartest and sharpest men in the real estate industry, Jack made waves with his comments on a Brookings Institute panel on housing policy.

The company he founded, REX, is a tech-powered brokerage that is slaughtering many a sacred cow in residential real estate with no apologies. REX is not a participant in any MLS, for example.

If you have any interest in disruption in residential real estate, Jack Ryan is a name you need to know, and this conversation is one you need to listen to.
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