[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock

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In today's episode of the Notorious Interview, I talk with Jarred Kessler, Founder & CEO of EasyKnock, the most interesting company in our space I had never heard of. I corrected that oversight, obviously, and I thought you should too.

EasyKnock is hard to classify: it's kind of like a blend between a bridge loan lender and an iBuyer with a rather intriguing value proposition for sellers and for real estate agents alike. Basically, EasyKnock will buy your house at your asking price, rent it back to you, while you look for a new house with the cash in your pocket, then settle up at the end. Its fees are substantially lower than a market maker like Zillow or Opendoor, and there is an interesting (although a bit tricky) value proposition for the real estate agent.

It's hard to describe more than that, so you should just listen to the Interview.
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