[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Mike Maher, Houwzer

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Hot on the heels of the Alex Doubet interview, I'm pleased to give you all an interview with the CEO of yet another innovative W-2 brokerage. Mike Maher is the Co-Founder & CEO of Houwzer, a W-2 based flat listing fee brokerage based in Philadelphia with operations in the Philly Metro and Washington DC Metro markets.

There are remarkable similarities between Houwzer and Door. Both are focused on customer satisfaction, as measured by Net Promoter Score. Door's NPS was over 80, and Houwzer's NPS is between 81 and 83. Just as a point of comparison, here are the NPS scores of some well-known brands:

  • Netflix: 68

  • Starbucks: 77

  • Amazon: 62

  • AirBnB: 74

  • Tesla: 96

Like Door, Houwzer has financial profiles (according to Mike) that are enviable indeed for a real estate brokerage. And like Door, Houwzer has incredible agent productivity.

While Wall Street conversation focuses on the slumping fortunes of Realogy, worries about Redfin's profitability, and wondering about Compass, and mainstream real estate conversations are about profitability woes, recruiting and retention woes, and fear of competition from iBuyers... here is yet another company with BHAGs going after it. I quite enjoyed our conversation, even when we sort of argue at the end, and I hope you will too.
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