[VIP] The Notorious Interview: John Campbell, Stephens

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I've decided that most of the Interview series will be available to VIP members only, because... it takes a good amount of work to put these together. A few, with wider industry implications, will be public but I think most of these are really of interest to serious industry observers (who I think are VIP members anyhow, heh).

I am delighted to present this Notorious Interview of John Campbell, Managing Director of Equity Research at Stephens, Inc., a powerhouse regional investment bank and private equity firm based in Little Rock. He is one of the finest analysts of the small corner of the public markets that real estate represents and I have consistently found his coverage to be really interesting.

We discuss his findings on the housing market, and his takes and picks on the public companies he covers: Redfin, Realogy, Zillow, RE/MAX and eXp Realty. John is one of a very few (maybe the only) analysts who cover eXp at all so his take is even more interesting. It's a wide-ranging conversation presenting the Wall Street take on what they see going on in real estate.
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