[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Alex Doubet, Door

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Today's Notorious Interview is of a super-interesting, super-smart guy many of you probably have never heard of. His name is Alex Doubet, and he is the founder and CEO of Door, a unique brokerage based in Dallas. He is also a VIP Subscriber and a longtime reader of Notorious.

Door is an interesting brokerage that combines W-2 agents with virtual representation to offer brokerage services at a flat fee. We go into his model, his operations, and his challenges, along with Alex's opinions and views on the industry. It's hard to describe, but I loved this conversation. Hope you will too.

Just a few factoids that are in this interview:

  • NPS score over 80

  • Double the gross margins of Redfin

  • Door agents sell 7 homes per month

  • The vital importance of CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs)

PS: If you have a strong emotional attachment to traditional real estate models, try not to get too emotional listening to Alex.
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