[VIP] On the Realogy-Compass Kerfuffle

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The battle between Realogy and Compass took a strange turn in recent days, when Compass claimed that they rejected a marriage offer from Realogy according to The Real Deal:
With his back against the mats, Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider considered selling the brokerage to its chief rival: Compass.

In a statement Friday, the SoftBank-backed brokerage said Schneider even proposed a plan where the arch enemies would form a joint venture — a proposal Compass said it declined.

Obviously, that's quite an allegation. Realogy denied it, of course, but then The Real Deal continues:
A source close to the company told The Real Deal that Realogy is not for sale to Compass. “The truth is twisted here,” the source said.

The truth must be twisted there indeed, because Realogy's denial took an extra step today when it filed a Form 8-K with the SEC with the email that Ryan Schneider, Realogy's CEO, sent to all Realogy employees.
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