The Notorious Interview: Chris Drayer, Revaluate

So a number of you have messaged and written me to say positive things about the two interviews I did with Fred Bin of Zoom Casa and Rick Rudman of Curbio last week. I know I’m a writer first and you come here to read overly lengthy posts about various real estate topics, but I had fun doing the interview format and thought it was worth trying for a while.

Here’s the first in this series of interviews with various people in the industry on real estate topics. My first guest is Chris Drayer, CEO of Revaluate, a data company based in beautiful Boulder, CO.

We go on a wide-ranging and open discussion about a number of topics, but the main focus was on what Chris sees coming for real estate lead generation thanks to the new feature in iOS 13 that blocks unsolicited phone calls coupled to changes in FCC rules. He wrote a post about it on the Revaluate blog, which you can find here. We talked about that, real estate marketing in general, how things might change, bespoke tailoring and Korean karaoke.

Without further ado, here’s the Notorious Interview with Chris Drayer of Revaluate:

Official Bio of Chris Drayer, CEO, Revaluate:


Formerly the founder of Finch Marketing, where he advised real estate brokers and technology companies on growth, including the launch of StartUps RealSatisfied (now a Placester company), EasyVT, HomeDiary and growing FloorPlanOnline.

When not building Revaluate, Chris is often with his wife and two daughters outdoors in a canoe, kayak or sailboat or running on the mountain trails near his home outside of Boulder, Co.

About Revaluate:

Revaluate is a data company headquartered in Golden, Co. founded in 2014.

The company specializes in creating highly efficient AI algorithms with machine learning that devour data from an incredible number of sources and make the seemingly impossible, simple.

Currently we focus within mortgage and real estate company databases, Revealing likely movers.  Show us a database, and Revaluate will reveal likely movers.

When we first launched the new product in November of 2016,  Inman wrote “during the demo, one of the highest ranked returns is a personal friend who is indeed looking to move soon.”

In 2017 Revaluate was named “Top 20 Trendsetter” by Stephan Swanepoel’s SP200, and was a finalist for the 2017 Inman Innovators Award.

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  1. Getting the consumer to call the business minimizes some of these issues since it creates an exemption to the Do-Not-Call rule. If the business uses a toll-free number, the consumer’s phone number is transmitted to the business even if the consumer started the call with their caller ID blocked.

    If the business sends a vCard back to the consumer and gets them to accept it, they have bypassed the iOS blocking capability (until the consumer deletes them 10 minutes later)

    The game is changing but there are some options and I’m sure new concepts are on the way.

    In other news, Google phones/ Google Voice have had spam blocking for 3+ years but Pixel/Android get no respect.

  2. Hola Rob:
    Interesting discussion that points to a larger topic I’ve been seeing for some time. Residential real estate may be the last category to come to the hard realization that the person in control of all interactions is the Consumer… Not a new topic by any means but for a category that has historically worked in a “closed loop” environment regarding data, it’s coming as a huge shock. I spent 30 years in consumer and business to business marketing prior to joining a regional franchisor. I was shocked at the antiquated view the 1000+ brokers had regarding who controls the communication. It’s the CONSUMER… Not the broker.

    The democratization, (access) to data brought about a decade ago has finally led to this category following many others in having to position providers value to users. The changes here are simply another example of how consumers will always find the information they need to make informed decisions. Consumers will always find a way to get what they need, they won’t tolerate being “sold”, or worse “stalked” by brokers and agents looking to build a clientele. This fundamental change in structure coupled with an aging REALTOR population will thankfully flush a lot of people out of the industry. Not good news for organizations focused on a”headcount” business model, but great news for the home-buying and selling public. Think “fewer and better” professionals and organizations that understand how to provide value and communicate that value to willing recipients. Rising professionalism based on natural selection.

    Those that understand this shift will prosper and those that remain focused on pretty/handsome headshots and marketing that screams “ME,ME,ME” will falter. Just as Darwin hypothesized , survival of the fittest does benefit the breed. Keep up the good work.

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