Followup to the KW Concierge Post: Special Audio Treats Edition

So my recent post about Keller Williams’s new Concierge program was interesting on a lot of levels. For one thing, a lot of you read it. Thank you, dear readers! But for another, it actually resulted in a couple of you reaching out to contact me directly to comment further on some of the challenges and opportunities with these kinds of pre-sale renovation “Concierge” type of programs.

Two people in particular, Fred Bin of Zoom Casa, and Rick Rudman of Curbio, reached out and had some really interesting points to make. But rather than trying to go back and edit, or writing up some followup that wouldn’t do their thoughts and comments justice, I thought I’d just talk to them and record it to share their thoughts directly with all of you.

I used to try and do a podcast, but… meh… writing is more my medium. But still, I think for something like an interview, audio is the better format so you’re getting the full conversation rather than my writeup of or my take on that conversation.

So, this is a special audio treat edition. We talk about a lot of issues in these conversations, and I am grateful to both Fred Bin and to Rick Rudman for their time and their thoughts.

Without further ado, click on the player below to hear the conversation.

One note: in the episode with Fred Bin, we had some audio and technical difficulties. So I cut the long pause and the “Hello? Hello?” stuff. Otherwise, neither of these have been edited or modified in any way.

Fred Bin, Zoom Casa

Rick Rudman, Curbio

Let me know if you liked this audio-based approach and if you think I should try to do more of these. I do certainly like having great intelligent conversations on real estate topics with great people in the industry, so I’m willing to try to do more of these as time allows. But only if these are useful or entertaining to you.



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