[VIP] Redfin Q2/2019 Earnings Results: Delayed Blast Fireball

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As a former Dungeon Master all through junior high school and part of high school, I found it absolutely thrilling that Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, used the phrase in the Q2 earnings call. Thank you Glenn for making all of us former (and present day) nerds feel a little bit better about our misspent youth. It makes me feel better about knowing far too much about the Melnibonean and Egyptian pantheons as a 15 year old while knowing far too little about girls.

But "Delayed Blast Fireball" also serves as a neat theme for this earnings call, or at least this analysis of Redfin's Q2 earnings results, because I don't feel like I can really put things into context without hearing from both Realogy and Zillow. Both of them report next week, so I think we can get a clearer picture after that. I may have to put my overall thoughts together after all have reported.

In the meantime, however, there are some interesting things to come out of Redfin's Q2 earnings. It turns out, they lead to more questions... which may be answered or at least clarified after next week... but we can dig into some stuff. We just can't dig into all the stuff because, well, delayed blast fireball, y'all.

Let's get into it.
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