[VIP] The MLS and Coming Soon: A Way Forward

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The great move West is now complete! The last boxes are finally unpacked, and while we still have to set up the new house, I think we're able to get back into the regular swing of things.. Once again, I apologize to you VIP Subscribers for being so silent, but I do hope you all enjoyed your complimentary copy of The Red Dot.

But we're back now, and I thought for the first post written from the desert, I'd take a stab at something I hinted at in my last public post:
This is not the place to really dig into this big issue, which is at the heart of the kerfuffle with RealScout and buy-side data, and I’m likely going to need to write one or more posts about it. But we really do need to have a wider conversation and debate about the now common and oft-systematized use of off-MLS marketing by brokerages.

Let's have that wider conversation and debate.
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