[VIP] Ben Thompson of Stratechery Shows How Dropbox Points the Way Forward (for the MLS)

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Seriously, I think I could just write a real estate angle to most of Ben Thompson's articles and updates from Stratechery, and fill the content calendar easily. I just wrote about his public weekly article on Tech and Antitrust and how it might apply to Zillow. Today comes a Daily Update where Ben talks about Dropbox and its new move towards becoming the "operating system for the cloud." It's fantastic stuff, and if you're not a subscriber to Stratechery, I strongly recommend it.

I'm going to put this for VIP subscribers only since the Daily Update is for Ben's premium subscribers, so to the extent that I'm quoting from it and referring to it, I'm not putting his stuff onto the whole worldwide web. Plus, comments tend to be better from VIP members. :)

My basic thesis: What Dropbox did here to try and become the "operating system for the cloud" points the way forward for the MLS in real estate. I know I'll be recommending some courses of action to my MLS clients, but I wanted to provide those thoughts to you all as well.
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