[VIP] Redfin Direct vs. Zillow Offers At Full Scale: A Thought Experiment

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VIP Subscriber, and the proprietor of Stratechery, Ben Thompson posted a question in a recent comment:
Compare Redfin Direct v Zillow Offers, both at full scale. Assume a 2% fee for Redfin direct v 7% fee for Zillow Offers. For sellers & buyers, what is more appealing assuming a price point between 500-750k?

We're all about service here at Notorious! (No, we're not, but still... that is a truly interesting question.) So let's think about this for the VIP audience.

Let me state the conclusion up front for the TL;DR crowd: Zillow Offers at full scale would dominate real estate and completely change the landscape. Redfin Direct will not.

Now, I can conclude that because I have a very particular definition of what "full scale" means for Zillow Offers and for Redfin Direct. Let's get into it.
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