#GetReal Episode 2: Technology Doesn't Make You Better

In Episode 2, I discuss one of my core principles: technology doesn’t make you better — it only makes you more efficient.

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  1. Thank you Rob. Once again you see through the bull…..
    And thanks for the visual/audio presentation. Being audio tuned, I learn easily from what I hear.

  2. Nice job Rob. As always. I really like the shirt too. I think wearing that shirt you should be paired with Tiger Woods on a final round tournament somewhere cool. Nike meets UnderArmour.

  3. Appreciate your perspective!
    I wonder if the new technology of drones offering a birds eye view of a home/ property when it is in a subdivision seems ridiculous to you?
    A 25 acre parcel perhaps but does having a drone fly over a house roof make the agent a better agent? I think is smoke & mirrors so the agent can afford to pay for the drone.
    Your thoughts?

    1. Thanks Jenn!

      As for your question, well… if you’re a listing agent who has ALWAYS done amazing photos for your clients, using top-notch photographers and such, then adding a drone to the portfolio is a more efficient way of doing aerial photography. But if you’ve normally done “let me take the pics with my iPhone” and then get into drone photography, that strikes me as a case of playing around with toys.

  4. Hi Rob, you struck a nerve with this one. I started my real estate career in the mid 90’s as technology was in it’s early stages. I spent quite a bit of good money on gadgets and programs that promised to make me a more productive agent. And then, I threw more good money after the bad before I realized I did not relate to people in the way it would take to see positive results. I operated differently.

    I am now a Principal Broker with a few agents under me. I can see that sometimes all technology can do is help you make more mistakes per hour if you are not already doing things right. Great webcast!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan. 🙂 You’re exactly on the money AFAIC.

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