Introducing… #GetReal with Notorious ROB

As the video says, I’m starting a couple of new features on Notorious. And they’re related!

So I’ll try to post a seven-minute video every Friday called #GetReal where I can be a bit more casual and personal in talking about whatever is on my mind. But even more than just a personal rant, I hope to use this as a fun Q&A session. By session, I mean, you ask me a question, and I give you an answer.

I’m going to call that Ask And Ye Shall Receive. A working subtitle comes from Pulp Fiction: Scary Questions and Frightening Answers.

You can ask me questions via this blog or on the Notorious ROB Facebook Page. Or I suppose you can tweet at me @robhahn.

I’ll keep this going until it becomes obvious that nobody wants to see/hear it. My regular writing doesn’t stop or get impacted by these two features.

The first #GetReal is finished, so I’ll post that next.


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  1. Video may be interesting — but please don’t stop the substantive blog posts. There are some of us “out here” who ‘do’ read for learning, insight and reflection — while considering video more as entertainment. There’s virtually nothing I can think of that’s entertaining about the state of Real Estate Brokerage in these times.

    1. Oh, don’t worry Ronald 🙂 I’m a writer by nature, so I’m going to keep on doing that. Just wanted to do the videos for fun where I don’t have to think quite as much.

  2. Good luck with the cross-over! This fan will be watching….. 🙂

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