Changes to Email Subscription to NROB

A quick housekeeping note. I realized the other day that there are a fair number of you who read this blog via email.  Which is great, even though I’d much prefer if you’d come by afterwards and share your thoughts, opinions, and so on.  So I’ve decided to make a small investment and give you all “professional-looking” emails of my posts.

Those of you who are already subscribed via email will be receiving a Confirmation Email from me (by way of Aweber) in the next couple of days.  This is to make sure that I’m not spamming you, and that you do in fact want to read my over-long posts in email, thereby possibly causing irreparable harm to your Outlook or other email application.

If you have not subscribed by email, that’s fine too — you’ll noticed a brand spanking new subscription box to the right in case you do.

Finally, a quick little poll to see how often these emails should be going out.


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  1. Am I the only one using an RSS reader anymore?

  2. Actually, I am getting the Blog/Updates on Google Reader (RSS)…I am fine with that. I like to read things as quickly as published, even if I don’t get to it on that day….So, my vote is send them along whenever you publish…

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