Month: August 2008

Some Numbers That Make Me Go Hmmm…

(Management suggests you click play while you read this post.) So while just browsing around looking for info (because I wanted to respond to something Alan Bernier of posted), I found something rather interesting: We believe we are the leading online marketplace for commercial real estate in the United States, based on the number […]

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Listings Aren't Airline Tickets

Joe Ferrara asks whether listings are like airline tickets in his post about American Airlines pulling its ticket listings from Kayak: Are home listings like airline tickets to be freely given by listing brokers and agents to any and all third party listing sites? Do listing brokers have any reason to complain so long as […]

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Cityfolk and Provincialism

My friend John is moving from Cambridge, MA to some tiny little town on the Illinois/Iowa border whose name I can’t remember — possibly because I don’t believe he ever told me.  The move is on account of his academic wife getting a job at the local college — and seriously, if you think you’ve […]

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